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Adrenalin Sessions
Can You Surive at 145?!
Category: Trance
Location: London/Ibiza
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by Ed Lynam
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May 17, 2018 12:02 PM PDT

01. Mysterious Action vs. Union Jack vs. Jonno Brien - Through The Tangled Cactus (Dirty Chef's "Illusions" Mashup) [CDR] + Goncalo M - Beneath The Skin [Global Techno Movement Records]
02. Innergy - Welcome Asteroid [Detox Records]
03. Indecent Noise vs. David Moleon vs. Kay D Smith & Marc Tall Oger Zokete Resistance (Vector's Smashup) [CDR]
04. Scot Project - D (Don’t Go) [Outburst Records]
05. Marcel Woods vs. John Askew - Advanced Bastard (Dirty Chef's "Dial Again" Mashup) [CDR] + Eric Sneo - Bang That Brain [CLR]
06. Scott Cameron - Restless Native (Ed Lynam Remix) [Elevation Audio White]
07. Ed Lynam - Epinephrine (Braam Alberts Remix) [Elevation Audio Dark]
08. Asem Shama - Pi (Henrik B Remix) [Ghostline Electronics] + Detroit Grand Punbahs - The Clapper (Jesper Dahlback Remix) [Poker Flat Recordings]
09. Wippenberg - UR (John O’ Callaghan’s “Urrr” Rework) [CDR]
10. The Prodigy vs. Richard Durand vs. Mojado - Smack My Naranja Bitch Up! (Dirty Chef's "Puta!" Mashup) [CDR]
11. R.E.L.O.A.D. - Primitive Mind [Reloaded Music]
12. Ed Lynam - ID [ID] + Breather - Come On [Y2K]
13. Ed Lynam & Costa Pantazis - Under His Eye [ART Recordings]
14. Ed Lynam vs. Michael Splint, DJ Choose & Eruption - Adrenalin Free (Dirty Chef Mashup) [CDR]
15. Ed Lynam - Steroids [ID]
16. Nick The Kid & Ed Lynam - Flatliners [HTE]
17. Renegade System & Ed Lynam - Meitreo [HTE]
18. AlexMo - Forget Me Not (R.E.L.O.A.D. Remix) [MorAlity Records]
19. Mauro Picotto - Iguana (The Sixth Sense Remix) [CDR] + Sonny Summers - 99.9 (Acapella) [Hard Underground Music]
20. Organ Donors - 99.9 [Nuleuz]
21. Simon McCann - Pressure (Scot Project Take Me Higher Mix) [Druck]
22. Dutch Master - Recalled To Life [Dutch Master Works]
23. Unknown - Schranz Slippy [White Label]

April 19, 2018 03:58 AM PDT

01. Guns 'n' Roses - Welcome To The Jungle (Sholan MOS Intro Edit) [CDR]
02. Black XS - The Next Victim [Rielisim]
03. Shugz - Extremity [In Trance We Trust]
04. Digital X - Cyber Initivative [AERYS Records]
05. Mark Sherry & 2nd Phase - Killer Twist (Cold Blue Remix) [Outburst Records]
06. DYRM - Spider [AERYS Records]
07. Chris Schweizer - Damage Control [Whose Afraid Of 138?!]
08. Cold Blue - Learning To Live [Subculture]
09. Jak Aggas - Strangers Like Me [FSOE]
10. Sholan - ID [ID]
11. Megamind - Taub (Mark Sherry Remix) [Outburst Records]
12. R.E.L.O.A.D. - Primitive Mind [Reloaded Music]
13. Sholan - 5.5 [Elevation Audio]

01. Madwave - Follow Your Path [Phoenix Recordings]
02. Venetica - Against All Odds [Nu:Chain Music]
03. Will Atkinson - Didgeridoo [VII]
04. R.E.L.O.A.D. - Macumba (Nicholson Remix) [ART Recordings]
05. Simon McCann - Pressure (Scot Project "Make Me High" Remix) [Druck Records]
06. Scot Project - D (Don't Go) [Outburst Records]
07. Quake & Rob Tiserra - The Day Will Come (Nicholson Remix) [Maelstrom]
08. Daniel Doering - Viggen [Hyper Reality Records]
09. A.S.Y.S - Acid Space (Mindflux Remix) [Fe Records]
10. Renegade System & Ed Lynam - Meitreo [HTE (Hard Trance Europe)]
11. Warrior - Warrior (Mark Sherry Remix) [Whose Afraid Of 138?!]

March 24, 2018 04:52 AM PDT

01. DJ Sakin & DJ Bjoern-X - The Beginning (DJ Sakin Mix) [Joyride Music]
02. ID-ID [ID]
03. K90 - We Are Not Alone (Venitica Remix) [Dataless Recordings]
04. Aponaut - Be Here Now [Unit One Recordings]
05. The Mechanic - Nightmare (C.O.L.D. vs. Iron & Steel Remix) [Fatal Energy Records]
06. Chris F - Riptide (Dark Sector Remix) [De:Fuzed Digital]
07. Ben Eye & Renegade System - Identity [Atmosphere Recordings UK]
08. The Sixth Sense vs Tim Hidgem - More or Less (Renegade System Remix) [Hyper Reality]
09. Andrea Montorsi - 2Nite (Uplifting mix) [HTE Recordings]
10. ID-ID [ID]

01. Jak Aggas - Strangers Like Me [FSOE]
02. Rafael Osmo - Blocker [Elevation Audio Dark]
03. Too Many Artists - Commander Hooligan Funk (Kriess Guyte Mashup) [CDR]
04. Melvin Sheppard & Costa Pantazis - One Night In NYC [ART Recordings]
05. David Forbes - Substance [Aria Digital]
06. Kriess Guyte - Rav3r [Damaged Records]
07. Simon McCann - Pressure [Druck Records]
08. AlexMo - Forget Me Not (R.E.L.O.A.D. Remix) [MorAlity Records]
09. Renegade System & Ed Lynam - Meitreo [HTE Recordings]
10. Mosquito - Darkness (ConnecteD Remix) [Error303]
11. ID - ID [ID]
12. Airscape - Sosei (Ferry Tayle Remix) [Grotesque Reworked]

February 22, 2018 08:22 AM PST

01. Bryan Kearney - Mexican Rave [Kearnage Recordings]
02. CRW - I Feel Love (DJ Jam X & De Leon Remix) [Nukleuz]
03. Matt Darey Presents. Mashup - Liberation (Temptation - Fly Like An Angel) (Ferry Corsten Remix) [Tsunami]
04. Signum - What Ya Got 4 Me [Tidy Trax]
05. Gladiator feat. Izzy - Now We Are Free [Evolve Records]
06. Marco V - False Light [Maelstrom]
07. Photographer vs. Armin van Buuren feat. Susana - Airport Shivers (Armin van Buuren Mashup) [CDR]
08. The Temper Trap vs. Bjorn Akesson - Sweet Language (Will Atkinson Mashup) [CDR]
09. John O’ Callaghan vs. Armin van Buuren feat. Sharon Adel - Raw Deal vs. In and Out Of Love (Armin van Buuren Mashup) [CDR]
10. Underworld - Born Slippy (ID Remix) [ID]
11. ID-ID [ID]
12. Lock ’N Load - Blow Your Mind [Blue White]
13. Paul van Dyk feat. Plumb - I Don’t Deserve You (John O’ Callaghan Remix) [VANDIT]
14. Gareth Emery feat Christina Novelli - Concrete Angel (John O'Callaghan Remix) vs. Gareth Emery feat Bo Bruce - U (Bryan Kearney Remix) Armin van Buuren Mashup [CDR]
15. Fred Baker vs. Push - Universal Blackout (ID Mashup) [CDR]

01. Storm - Time To Burn [Data Records]
02. Scot Project - L (Want Your Love) [Overdose]
03. Jonesey - Independence (Nicholson Remix) [ART Recordings]
04. Lost Tribe - Gamemaster (The Sixth Sense Remix) [CDR]
05. Mauro Picotto - Iguana (The Sixth Sense Remix) [CDR]
06. Mauro Picotto vs. Len Faki vs. Camisra - Let Me Show You Stranger Lizards (Dirty Chef's "Spaced" Mashup) [CDR]
07. Miss Shiva - Dreams (Cosmic Gate Remix) [Dance Division]
08. Derb vs. Marco V - Derbgodd (LaCargo Mashup) [CDR]
09. Sunbeam - Outside World (Louk Mix) [Compulzion]
10. Schwarze Puppen - Schwarze Puppen (Russenmafia Remix) [Overdose]
11. Cosmic Gate - Fire Wire (Dark By Design Remix) [CDR]
12. Expose - Airwave (Dark By Design & Section 8 Remix) [DiStinkt]

January 18, 2018 10:05 AM PST

01. Adam Deane & Omar Sherif - Sabotage [FSOE]
02. Steve Allen - Metamorphosis [Damaged Records]
03. Stream Noize & de Cima pres. Forces - Blackout (Sam Laxton Remix Edit) [Rielism]
04. Rezwan Khan - Blackout [Blackout Trance]
05. Madwave - Colours Of The 5th Rainbow [FSOE]
06. The Cracken - Shadows Of The Night [Enhanced Music]
07. Ava Mea - In The End (Amir Hussain Remix) (CR Edit) [Armada]
08. Dan Stone & Victoriya - I Can’t Tell [FSOE]
09. Jordan Suckley - Rocket Punch [Damaged Records]
10. Bryan Kearney - You Will Never Be Forgotten (Active Remix) [Discover Records]
11. Sholan - Bring It Back [Monster Pure]
12. Jimmy Chou - Last Cry [Alter Ego Music]
13. Diago - Zakynthos [AVA White]

01. Sholan & F.G. Noise - Broken Star [Pure Trance]
02. Fiscal Project - Cherry Bomb (Luke Warner & Latex Zebra Remix) [Tangled Audio]
03. The Sixth Sense - Orange Skies (Back to 2000 Mix) [Elevation Audio]
04. Goncalo M - Beneath The Skin [Global Techno Movement Records]
05. David Rust - Absolutely [Reloaded]
06. Ed Lynam & Costa Pantazis - Under His Eye [ID]
07. Renegade System - Acid Attack [Digitally Infected]
08. Acid Dreamer - Acid Dreamer [Vertastyle]
09. WaveTraxx - I AM (Kuznetsow Remix) [Hard Trance Europe]
10. Renegade System & Busho - The Prophecy [Digitally Infected]
11. Daniel Doering - Cybernetik Love (Rainer K Remix) [Hyper Reality Records]
12. Sash - Mysterious Times (Nicholson Remix) [CDR]

November 23, 2017 10:17 AM PST

01. Renegade System - Fjord [USB]
02. Renegade System - Acid Attack [Digitally Infected]
03. FLUX - Pressure [USB]
04. Nomad vs. Wragg - P.T.P. (Pull The Plug) [Atmosphere Recordings:UK]
05. Side E-fect & Busho - OK Now [Digitally Infected]
06. Scot Project - W3 [Druck]
07. Richard Durand - Freeeze [Outburst Records]
08. Iain Cross - G.O.D. [Audio:tech]
09. ID - ID [USB]
10. ADM & Renegade System - Revenge [TBC]
11. Nomad - Lift Off [Atmosphere Recordings:UK]

01. 2nd Phase - Body Bag [Damaged Records]
02. Marco V - Tribute [In Charge]
03. Bjorn Akesson - Extra Life [Perfecto Fluro]
04. Indecent Noise Pres. Raw Tech Audio - Kingpin [FSOE Clandestine]
05. Snowface - Connected [Joyride Music]
06. Tilt - Angry Skies (Chris Porter Remix) [Lost Language]
07. AlexMo - See Saw [MorAlity Records]
08. Anima - Insanity [Idiosyncratic Audio]
09. Nicholson - Perfect Storm (NG Rezonance Remix) [ART Recordings]
10. Mindflux - Everlasting Grief [Hyper Reality Records]
11. Nick The Kid & Ed Lynam - Flatliners [Hard Trance Europe]
12. Space Brothers - Shine (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix) [Whose Afraid Of 138?!]

October 19, 2017 02:33 PM PDT

1. Indecent Noise - Zokete (Reaky's Intro Edit) [Discover Dark]
2. Marco V - TiTiT [In Charge]
3. Artento Divini - Tetra [ASOT]
4. Will Atkinson Pres. Darkboy - Aktinsane (Mark Sherry Remix) [Damaged Records]
5. Heatbeat & Alex M.O.R.P.H & Heartbeat - Shenlong [AERYS Records]
6. Menno De Jong - Abhyasa (Alex Di Stefano Remix) [In Trance We Trust]
7. Greg Downey - P45 [Skullduggery]
8. David Forbes - Panic Room [Damaged Records]
9. Indecent Noise - Over There [Discover]
10. Mark Sherry & Dr Willis - Here Come the Drums (ReDrive Extended Remix) [Outburst Twilight]
11. Orpheus & Osher - 1998 [Pharmacy Music]
12. Dogzilla - Without You (Will Atkinson Extended Remix) [Whose Afraid Of 138?!]

1. CJ Seven & Martin Soundriver - 5th Gear [Elevation Audio Uplifting]
2. Shroud - WinterFell [Cohesion Records]
3. R.E.L.O.A.D. - Vamo' Chiquillo [CDR]
4. Richard Durand vs Indecent Noise - Down Doloroes (Dean Rigbey Mashup)[CDR]
5. Talla 2XLC & Indecent Noise Meet Hypertraxx - The Darkside [Outburst Records]
6. Alex Ender & Jo Cartwright - Trembling (R.E.L.O.A.D. Remix) [Essentializim]
7. The Prodigy - Scienide (Costa Patanzis Remix)[CDR]
8. KoRay - Vigil Ignis [Phoenix Recordings]
9. Fudalwokit - You Can Feel It [Fudalwokit]
10. Nick The Kid & Rosetta - Time (Renegade System Remix) [Hard Trance Europe]
11. Renegade System - Pressure [ReDrive]
12. Bart Claessen - Playmo (Perrelli & Mankoff Rework) [CDR]

September 21, 2017 02:32 PM PDT

1. Costa Pantazis - Medusa Strain (RELOAD Remix) [ART Recordings]
2. Cosmic Gate & Ferry Corsten - Dynamic (Costa Pantazis Remix) [Flashover White]
3. Tempestarii - Celestial Tunnels (Platinum Mix) [Metamorph White]
4. Costa Pantazis - Nemesis Mandate (Black XS Remix) [ART Recordings]
5. Sixth Sense - Distorted Soul [Hard Trance Europe]
6. ID - ID [ID]
7. ID - ID [ID]
8. 9eek - The Time [Shattermind Recordings]
9. Nicholson - Perfect Storm (NG Resonance Remix) [ART Recordings]
10. NG Resonance & Costa Pantazis - Point Pleasant [Syncopy Recordings]

1. Marco V - It’s Black [Maelstrom]
2. HP Source - What U Think! [Hard Trance Europe]
3. Lewis Duggleby & Adam Deane - Fahrenheit [Elevation Audio]
4. Aly & Fila with Philippe El Sisi & Omar Sherif Feat. Karim Youssef - The Chronicles (FSOE 500 Anthem) [FSOE]
5. Chris Schweizer - Rapture [Whose Afraid Of 138?!]
6. Kevin Hoskin - Dark Dagger [Discover Dark]
7. R.E.L.O.A.D - Mr X [Aerys Records]
8. Lynx - Oxblood [Country Club]
9. NG Rezonance & Matt Draper - Tranquility [Syncopy Recordings]
10. Lab 4 - Ascension [Hard Trance Europe]
11. Logsurprisedne & Wragg - Creatures (Renegade System Remix) [Atmosphere Recordings UK]
12. Jonesey - Independence (Nicholson Remix) [ART Recordings]

August 17, 2017 09:33 AM PDT
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01. Lewis Duggleby - Jade (Intro Mix) [ID]
02. FAWZY feat. Rebecca Louise - Escape The Euphoria [Elevation Audio Uplifting]
03. Dan Stone - Argento [Fables]
04. Darren Porter & Katherine Amy - Let It Burn [FSOE]
05. Luke Warner & Lewis Duggleby feat. Katherine Amy - I See The Light [Extrema]
06. Derb - Derbus (RAM’s Refurbished Fusion Remix) [Grotesque Reworked]
07. Johann Stone - Red Wedding [Elevation Audio Dark]
08. Mark Sherry & Dark Fusion feat. Jan Johnston - Deja Vu (James Dymond Remix) [Outburst Records]
09. ReOrder - Together We Are [FSOE]
10. Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy, Hey Girl (Tasso Remix) [CD-R]
11. Ciro Visone - First Coming (Standerwick Remix) [Defcon Recordings]
12. Marcel Woods vs. John Askew - Advanced Bastard (Dirty Chef’s “Dial Again” Mashup) [CD-R]

01. Kevin Energy & Proteus - The Number Six [Diablotraxx]
02. Wippenberg - UR (John O’ Callaghan’s “Urrr” Rework) [CD-R]
03. Bryan Kearney & Will Atkinson vs. John Askew - The Game Salad (Dirty Chef’s “Chop ’n’ Changer” Mashup) [CD-R]
04. Mark Norman - Phantom Manor (Indecent Noise Remix) [Grotesque Reworked]
05. Derb - Derbus (RAM’s Refurbished Fusion Remix) [Grotesque Reworked]
06. R.E.L.O.A.D. - Primitive Mind [Reloaded Music]
07. Black XS & R.E.L.O.A.D. - Human Rage [Suanda Music]
08. Walt vs. Marco V - Let The Godd Play (Slideout Mashup) [CD-R]
09. CRW - I Feel Love (Kinetica Remix) [CD-R]
10. Ed Lynam - Epinephrine [Elevation Audio Dark]
11. Nomad - Crunch [IHDS]
12. The Sixth Sense - Baker Street (Mindlux Remix) [Elevation Audio Dark]
13. Dutch Master - Recalled To Life [Dutch Master Works]

July 20, 2017 11:41 AM PDT
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01. Deadmau5 vs. Kate Lawler - Sometimes Things Screw You (Dirty Chef's "Whatever!" Mashup) [CDR]
02. Zombie Nation vs. Jack Master vs. Slam - Paeng The Box (Dirty Chef's "Bangin" Mashup) [CDR]
03. Len Faki - Death By Synthapella Strangers (Dirty Chef's "3's up!" Mashup) [CDR]
04. Too Many Artists - Happiness On A Metropolis Day (Dirty Chef's "Apollonia" Mashup) [CDR]
05. Above & Beyond vs. Warrior - Hello Warrior (Dirty Chef's "Trancelucid" Mashup) [CDR]
06. Max Graham vs. Mark Sherry vs. Larson vs. Wildchild - The Evil Native Master (Dirty Chef’s “Threesome” Mashup) [CDR]
07. Valentino Kanzyani - Nueva York Es Loca (Dirty Chef's "2s up!" Mashup) [CDR]
08. Marco Bailey vs. Richard Durand - Crooked Law Cha Cha (Dirty Chef's "Mess with your 'ed" Mashup) [CDR]
09. Radiohead vs. DJ Ton T.B vs. Paul Denton - Electronic Spirit (Dirty Chef's "Differenter" Intro Mashup) [CDR]
10. Indecent Kearnage - Too Many To Mention (Dirty Chef's “POS 51" Intro Edit) [CDR]
11. Bryan Kearney & WIll Atkinson vs. John Askew - The Game Salad (Dirty Chef's "Chop 'n' Changer" Mashup) [CDR]
12. Marcel Woods vs. John Askew - Advanced Bastard (Dirty Chef's "Dial Again" Mashup) [CDR]
13. Simon Patterson vs. Marcel Woods vs. Rank 1 - Smack On Fire (Dirty Chef's "Weekend Smasher" Mashup) [CDR]
14. Element 4 vs. Scott Mac - Big Brother Is Watching U (Dirty Chef's "Born in 1984" Mashup) [CDR] 
15. The Green Martian vs. The Source - Ladies And Gentleman You Got The Love (Dirty Chef's "It's Been Done" Mashup) [CDR] 
16. Ed Lynam vs. Michael Splint, DJ Choose & Eruption - Adrenalin Free (Dirty Chef's "Trancelucid" Mashup) [CDR]
17. Mark Sherry, Derb & Space Frog vs. Daft Punk & Kamui - Follow Me Technologic (Dirty Chef's "Apothercary" Mashup) [CDR]
18. Will Atkinson vs. Kamui - Bloody Gaga (Dirty Chef’s “Sweep It Up” Mashup) [CDR]
19. Dark By Design vs. Will Atkinson – Severe Punishment For Pat Butcher (Dirty Chef's "More Stupid Titles" Mashup) [CDR]
20. Too Many Artists - Hybrid Spaceman (Dirty Chef's "Hard 140" Mashup) [CDR]
21. Simon Patterson vs. Thomas Seghers - Voodoo Drugs With The Humans (Dirty Chef's "Trancelucid" Mashup) [CDR]
22. Steve Hill vs. Technikal vs. Sonny Summers – Enjoy The Silence For The Weekend (Dirty Chef’s “Trance Together” Mashup) (Outro Edit) [CDR]

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